What's not to love? It's simply the best choice.


Aluminum is relatively new and rapidly gaining in popularity in the recreational boating market.  Although riveted aluminum boats have been in commercial use for over half a century, ACI Boats has taken boat building a step further with all welded vessels for superior strength. The superstructure is manufactured entirely of aluminum, so there’s nothing to rot nor rust. Built to flex like an aircraft, our boats will last a very, very long time, and require comparatively little maintenance.


Even thought it's lighter than fiberglass, aluminum has 10 times the shear strength of composite material. If a fiberglass boat hits something in the water or runs aground, the hull will crack or splinter if the impact is severe enough. Repairing this type of damage to a composite boat can be unsightly and expensive. Not only is aluminum stronger, but if it's dented it usually doesn’t require any work at all. Aluminum bends, fiberglass breaks. If an object does manage to punch through an aluminum hull the wound can be easily and cheaply repaired.


With aluminum’s lighter weight, the engines don’t have to work as hard to push the boat through the water, resulting in significantly better fuel economy. Boats manufactured from aluminum ride higher in the water and plane much more quickly than a heavier fiberglass boat.  Aluminum boats don't require the washing and polishing that a fiberglass vessel needs. ACI boats have a protective clear coat so owners just rinse and go! And aluminum is more environmentally responsible than fiberglass, as it's a renewable, 100% recyclable material.


Durability, safety, economy, easy maintenance. All in all, aluminum is the best choice for your next boat.








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