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A company built on passion and experience


ACI Boats, a division of Armstrong Consolidated, LLC, is a boat building company, and we love what we do. It’s who we are. And it started with the passion and experience of Cory Armstrong, a well-known aluminum boat builder with decades of hands-on experience and a talent for head-turning design. As a teenager growing up in the islands off British Columbia, Canada, Cory and his brother built an aluminum skiff for their own use and were then asked to produce similar boats for other area residents. From those modest beginnings, Cory went on to gain comprehensive management experience overseeing the entirety of the boat building process from design inception through production to vessel delivery. He founded Armstrong Consolidated to manufacture high speed and low maintenance vessels built of welded aluminum. Armstrong boats are ocean class and blend the durability of commercial boats with the comfort demanded in the recreational market.


In late 2015 Armstrong Consolidated added marine maintenance to our services and the company divided into two divisions, ACI Boats (new boat manufacturer) and Gold Star Marine (service and repair). This expansion allows us to offer full-service repair in our 20,000 square foot facility located on the Port Townsend, WA waterfront.


Our goal at ACI is to design and build great boats that deliver both performance and value. We believe that by following a standardized production process we can efficiently produce a high quality, hand-built line of vessels. Typically, consumers desiring a high-end aluminum boat hire an engineer or naval architect to develop a design, then contract with a boat yard to build the custom vessel, a process that is both expensive and time-consuming. Under the ACI Boats flag, Cory has designed his Montague and Lumacat lines to follow the automotive industry model -- offering standardized boats with a generous menu of finish options and distributing them through dealers. All Armstrong boats are designed for the owner-operator and provide high end performance, passenger comfort, fuel efficiency, and durability. In addition to the Montague and Lumacat boats, we also design and build custom boats for clients who want a totally unique design..







How we do business





At ACI Boats, our mission is to form lasting business relationships with our customers by providing superior solutions, products and services. We strive to provide a pleasant and growth oriented workplace that encourages our employees to be highly productive and to grow both personally and professionally. Our company goals will help make our mission statement a reality. Here are our business principles:


Lasting Partnerships

ACI Boats wants to be a true partner, not just a vendor, to our customers. We strive to provide the highest levels of quality products and services and to offer the best solutions to our clients.


Customer Service

ACI Boats believes that exceptional customer service is the backbone of our continuous improvement. A great customer experience can change the entire perception that a customer has of our company and allow us to be a sought after partner.



ACI Boats is committed to using the most consistent and reliable processes for our products, services and employees during routine, as well as unexpected, circumstances.



Every single day, in everything we do, ACI Boats works hard to provide the highest-quality and most reliable products and services to our customers.



ACI Boats is a division of Armstrong Consolidated, LLC

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